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A Litany of Dreams

Out of place in my own time, drowing thinking that I 'm dry.

30 October 1990
Please, allow me to introduce myself!

Maria. Greek/German/American girl. College junior.

Restlessness. Diversity. Travelling. Music. Piano. The '60s. Hippies. Beatles. Daydreaming. Bob Dylan. Poetry. Edgar Allan Poe. Inspiration. Sylvia Plath. Atheism. Cinema. David Lynch. Candles. Dancing. Red wine. Photography. Nature. Wintertime. Long walks. Coffee. Cinnamon. Sarcasm. Procrastination. Nerdiness. Books. Forensic Psychology. Accents. Joss Whedon. Doodling. Quirky sense of humor. Peace&Love. Randomness.

So if you meet me have some courtesy, have some sympathy and some taste! =)